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networks in the united states and analysts expect it to set sales records. >> we have a breaking news update for you now. this is a live story we've been following all day. i don't know, but there is the picture we want. this is the incident on the east bay. this is the jeep involved in a shootout. that just took a street on the tow truck. there is a shoot out involving a chp office skbrer a suspect after a traffic stop that created gridlock all day. southbound lanes almost all were reopened and they hope to have lanes reopened by about 7:00 tonight. we're going to continue to follow this and bring updates throughout the broadcast. >> 10 hours to the minute the jeep is removed from the scene. let's talk about the weather forecast just a gorgeous day around the bay area. >> and this is a beautiful day. looks like we're going to have changes during the week, we might have enough moisture fr a thunderstorm or two. there is low clouds moving in. you can see shadow of the tower on the low clouds. they move out over san francisco and most of the bay area is under sunny skies and there is cl
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1